With Ascend, users can customize both recurring and data-triggered alerts and reports to email and text




(1) Customer Order Confirmation:

As soon as a phone order is received, the customer should receive an email confirmation


(2) Gross Profit :

Every line of business (bulk lubes/greases, package lubes/greases, transport fuel, tank wagon fuel) needs to have a target gross profit – this alert fires immediately if an order is created and the system price OR a manually entered price is below the target gross profit number


(3) Daily Gross Profit and Volume:

Daily report showing brief read out of gross profit & volume (gallons or pounds) for each line of business


(4) Top & Bottom 10 Customers (GP and Volume):

Weekly report showing a top & bottom 10 customers by volume and gross profit, by line of business


(5) Customers without Activity for Greater Than 30 Days:

Weekly report showing any customers that are marked as “active,” but have not purchased anything in the last 30 days


(6) Inventory Movement Fastest:

Weekly report showing the fastest 10 moving products by warehouse


(7) Inventory Movement Slowest:

Weekly report showing the slowest 10 moving products by warehouse (where activity is > zero)


(8) Suggested Inventory Transfers:

Daily report showing suggested inventory transfers based on back order requirements and days on hand requirements, where the difference between any two warehouses reflects an imbalance


(9) Suggested Repackaging:

Daily report showing suggested repackaging based on target days on hand


(10) Fuel Invoices Greater Than 14 Days-Old:

Daily report showing all receivables greater than 14 days


(11) Lube Invoices Greater Than 30 Days-Old:

Daily report showing all receivables greater than 30 days


(12) Changes in Volume +/- 10%:

Monthly report showing all customers whose volume has risen OR fallen greater than 10% when comparing the last 30 days to the previous 30 days


(13) New Accounts Last Week:

Weekly report showing all new accounts added within the last 7 days


(14) Tax Alert:

Immediately alerts to show any account setup w/o taxes OR with a conflict between tax & ship-to address


(15) Accounts on Hold w/ Credit Pending:

Twice daily report showing all customers with orders pending, total dollar-value of the order, and their outstanding AR balance


(16) Back Orders – Created/Pending/Filled:

Weekly report showing all back orders created, pending, and filled both in summary and at the detail level


(17) Sales Tax:

Immediately triggered to show any order where sales taxes were not charged AND there is no exception set up


(18) Payables:

Monthly report showing all payables which are either in dispute OR more than 30 days old


(19) Customer Pricing Set-up:

Daily report showing any account or ship-to where system pricing AND/OR system freight is not set up


(20) Customer Credit Balance:

Daily report showing any customer that has a credit balance (meaning the customer is owed money) OR customer that has invoices AND unapplied receipts