• Supports unlimited product & container setup records
  • Buy or sell products from inventory using product aliases
  • Powerful and flexible pricing options
  • Transaction & Aggregate discounts, using a variety of calculation methods and filtering┬áconditions
  • Real time, transparent inventory levels, including On Hand, Committed to Buy, Committed to Sell, In Transit & Net on Hand
  • Mass update features for adding new products and making setup and price related changes
  • Quickly repackage items using Bill of Material processing
  • Weighted Average Cost, FIFO & LIFO
  • Flexible month end closing procedures
  • Unlimited historical reporting on any inventory
  • Monitor & reconcile product inventory for all warehouses
  • Manage assets with date/time sensitive cost & price changes
  • Physical inventory counting, allowing you to:
    1. Count inventory by package
    2. Define how and when to schedule counts
    3. Create count groups to allow counts at different times
  • Packing slip functionality to track the packaging from order to payables
  • Easily transfer between inventory sites
  • Adjustments for accidents, returns & cost corrections
  • Flexible container setup to inventory at one container and sell at another container

Billing Item GL Code Setup
Customer Pricing
FIFO Inventory Valuation
FIFO Valuation Detail
IN AP Invoice
In Pooled Stock Status Summary New
IN Receipt Doc
IN Site Fuel Sourcing
In Transit Transaction Quantity and Amount
IN Un-Posted Transaction Quantity
Inventory Analysis
Inventory Audit
Inventory Audit Detail
Inventory Availability
Inventory Cost Sales
Inventory GL
Inventory Period WAC Discrepancy
Inventory Quantity to Order
Inventory Review
Inventory Summary
Inventory Transfer Details
Inventory Transfers
Preliminary Over Short Count Sheet
Product GL Code Setup
Sales Alias List Prices
Stock Status Summary
Transaction Quantity
Transaction Quantity and Amount
Transaction Quantity and Amount by Pooled
Transaction Summary