Mission Statement:

We are a progressive software and service provider

that treasures our partnerships with petroleum marketers

and we thrive on helping them achieve their diverse objectives.

FireStream has employees stationed around the entire United States with its main headquarters in the Heartland, situated on Spirit of Saint Louis Airport in Chesterfield, Missouri.


  • -Glenn Turner | President & CEO
  • -Curt Hummel | Controller
  • -JR Massie | Vice President of Product Management
  • -JP McNeiland | Vice President of Professional Services
  • -Matthew Mossotti | Vice President of Sales & Marketing
  • -Jason Blom | Vice President of Customer Care
  • -Richard Omer | Vice President, Mobile

Thought leadership

Constantly listening to the contemporary issues which are impacting customers, FireStream has been able to develop software and technology that is truly end-to-end. FireStream is constantly taking a proactive approach to understanding industry trends and best practices through dedicated participation in industry meetings and associations.

The FireStream Culture

FireStream takes a great deal of pride in maintaining an internal culture that values the importance of flourishing relationships both within our company and with our customers. At FireStream offices or onsite with customers, at client conferences or any number of industry events, FireStream customers consistently enjoy a particularly vibrant and interesting set of bright and considerate individuals who genuinely enjoy the work they share with one another.

customer care

FireStream is dedicated to providing customer care when you need it. FireStream’s well trained team is available 7 to 7 Central Time, Monday thru Friday. Issues are submitted and tracked through an online portal, which also contains a growing library of documentation and training materials. Often, issues are resolved within minutes by FireStream’s First Call Response Team. For complex issues, training and after hours support, appointments can be scheduled.

implementation strategy

The implementation process of an ERP system is no small task. With the sales & marketing team working hand in hand with professional services and eventually customer care, FireStream keeps all lines of internal communication flowing around customer setup, training, and ultimate go-live. Today’s customer success is the future of FireStream’s success as a company.

Research & Development

As an R & D focused company, our in-house team is constantly adding new functionality to our current products while at the same time developing new products. We invite and encourage our customers to directly influence the evolution of our products and functionality enhancements are included as part of our pricing.

Sunshine Food & Fuel

July 20 – 24 | Kissimmee, FL


September 5 – 7 | Los Angeles, CA


September 10 – 13 | San Antonio, TX


September 26 – 27 | Dallas, TX

SIGMA Fuel Buyers, IT, MOBIL

September 28 – 29 | Dallas, TX


October 17 – 20 | Chicago, IL


November 8 – 10 | Chicago, IL