• Real-time posting, providing instant access to account and credit information
  • Behavior based credit management
  • Multiple customer payment methods, including EFT & Lockbox
  • Automatically generate and deliver draft notices
  • Multiple price quote formats at ship to level
  • Automatically import prices and deliver quotes to customers
  • Tax pro les for specific customer location and products, including exemptions and deferrals
  • Supports tax on tax, maximum taxable amount, graduated & incremental tax calculations
  • Credit & re-bill wizard
  • Flexible pricing, including class of trade, index based, contract & many others
  • Transaction & Invoice discounts, by product, source, groups and/or date ranges
  • Automatically import dealer credit cards
  • 1099K reporting
  • Finance charge capable
  • Automatically calculate customer interest payments
  • Un-apply receipt processing
  • Clear offsetting receipts/transactions
  • Budget billing
  • Receipt & deposit entry, including auto application
  • Multiple invoice formats, configurable at Ship To account
  • Multi-Order invoice processing
  • 3rd party transaction/payment approval integration
  • AR Terms configured at Ship To & product level
  • Salesperson commission tracking & reporting
  • Maintain all customer setup and credit information
  • Mass update capabilities for account setup related maintenance
  • Deliver all customer related documents via email, fax, web, etc.
  • Robust auditing tool, making all system activity transparent
  • Recurring invoice processing
  • Import payments from scanned checks
  • Document messaging/logo management
  • Salesperson assignment at ship to/product group
  • Access historical collection activities, including:
    • Invoice & payment details
    • Collection calls
    • NSF transactions
    • Promise to pays

Account History
Account Mailing Labels
Account Tax Exemption
Activity Schedule
Ad Hoc Tax Exempt
Aged Trial Balance
Approved Draft Notice EFT
AR 1099K Detail
AR Aged Current Balance
AR Credit Reference
AR Customer Special Pricing
AR Days Sales Outstanding
AR Invoice Detailed Component
AR Invoice Posting
AR Physical Address
AR Sales Commission
Bank Deposits and Receipt Sessions
Bank File EFT
Credit And Rebill Summary
Credit Card Import Detail
Credit Change Activity Log
Credit Limit Analysis
Credit Management
Customer Sales Trend
Department of Energy 782B Sales
Draft Notice EFT Reprint
Draft Notice List Reprint
EFT Bank Information List
Freight Out Header Surcharges
Freight Surcharge Destination Detail
GL Transaction Register
Gross Profit per Gallon
Insured Revenue
Invoice and Payment Application
Invoices to EFT
Monthly Sales Summary Brief
Monthly Sales Summary
Order Invoice Margin
Percent of Credit Limit
Period Invoice
Receipt Distribution
Sales Analysis
Sales and Profit Analysis
Sales by Payment Method
Sales Summary
Salesperson Commission
Ship To Destination Quantities
Ship To Tank Setup
Standard Accounts
Tax GL Code Setup
Tax on Sales
Tax Setup Quantities
Terse Sales
Third Party Billing Service Audit
Transaction Register
Verify Imported Credit Card Data